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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  August 11, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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gerri. washington has a problem with fitness bands. what is that about? >> we love to work out. i want to know what my heart rate is doing. how many calories are doing. senator chuck schumer says he thinks it's a privacy violation. he says we should be fighting it. what do you think, ladies? liz: maybe. david: i don't know. >> we have a lot and that coming up on "the willis report." david: sure. >> coming up today on the show, the price war at with consumers caught in the middle. is amazon putting too much of a squeeze on publishers? also, the world of nascar rocked by a bizarre and fatal accident. we're going to examine the fallout and impact on the motor sport. the war against e-cigarettes. states are pushing for tough new regulations. "the willis report" where consumers and our businesses starts right now.
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>> we kick off with facebook users giving a thumbs down to the new messenger app. company said they must download the app in order to continue send and receive messages. are users blasting app for its but bigs but agreeing to give facebook free rein over their phone before downloading the app. here to weigh in, jeremy kaplan, editor-in-chief of digital trends. we should say this come about because now they're saying you have to download the app or can't use messenger at all. >> exactly. >> they're forcing us to use an app whether we want it or not? >> precisely like i don't really want to be forced to do anything frankly. i like things the way they were. leave me be. >> their right to say you have do it but what about the bad criticism whether blog post this happen asa one-star rating. >> i use it for a month. it is a fine app. comes a little confusion for
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android. when you roll out of a app for android you have to click through permissions everything it might do. sound really scary but not all that bad. >> this agreement. this was really first reported back in december, "huffington post" put up another blogger said look, you better be careful when you're downloading and agreeing to app, it wants access to contacts, photos, your location services. >> sure, sure. >> why does facebook need to know who my contacts are? why do they need my location? >> potential usage for the app. for one thing it is messenger app. it needs access to the contacts to look who you are supposed to be in touch with, who you might want to talk to. like end user license agreements. you never want to scan through them and sign them. with android they're in your face that you have to. when you look at them they're scary. >> don't you think mark zuckerberg might be a little tone deaf? i like privacy settings i set got on to facebook. those got wipedded away. i like design i had.
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he took that away. do you think he should back count his change and stop, stop messing with what is working. >> i'm with you. that is exactly the problem. so strange we all love this company and use this company and we despise this company. they have such a hard time keeping track what their own customers actually want. it is not that hard. we don't want to be told what to do. we don't want the weird privacy things. let us be in touch with our friend. >> at end of the day they're battling twitter and battling instagram for photos for those that don't know at home. doesn't this put at risk again the allure of facebook? >> i think facebook will continue being this immense, massive powerhouse for however many years. there is this emerging threat coming out. it keeps getting bigger and bigger. every little thing, why are we still using this when we're kind of annoyed by it? >> at the same time though if you think about it, if i wanted to just, have my phone be available to everybody, and i
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wanted my messenger service and my contacts, then i put everything on the internet. put a page out there publicly. what is different on facebook where i am supposed to have privacy especially with messenger app and being on the worldwide web and hey, here is my life? >> that is the problem right there. are you supposed to have privacy? >> yes. there is expectation. >> expectation, i don't think it is realistic one. i don't think we have real privacy like that anymore. if you're concerned about it, this.we're using for everything these days, big screen to get access to facebook it is also a phone. if we have concerns about this kind of stuff, use it to call somebody. >> call somebody? on the phone and talk to them. >> i know. i know it is horrible. >> i gave that up a long time ago. really quick, overall privacy concerns. this is kind of the new face of digital technology and social media. >> sure. >> the fact that for privacy for adults one thing. privacy for kid, another issue. are we ignoring that if we say, okay, don't worry about facebook
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of the it's fine. it's fine. what about the 60-year-olds out there? come on. >> quagmire for parents these days. how do you deal with it. kids obviously know about the technology. they obviously want it. do you give your kid a phone? there isn't any he answer, be sure you walk your parents exactly what is happening and some of those dangers. >> do you think executives at facebook, mark zuckerberg, do you think they are aware? i know that they have responded to some of these reports and particular saying, this is, it is misunderstood now, those reports from december aren't true. they disputed basically what the bloggers and "huffington post" in particular put out there. they are saying that is not the case that we changed it. do which believe them. >> i do believe them. >> you do. >> facebook is kind of in a weird position here because everyone is worrying that the younger generation is using instagram and pinterest and other things. >> which they are. >> everybody wants to get into facebook and everybody is worried about facebook and their
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implications for children. we don't talk about what is going on with instagram and potential predators and inappropriate content there kids are getting access to. all these services have this kind of a threat. it is a tough time for being a parent. >> at the end of the day, really quick, we didn't even get to this, share you some facebook users actually said. this is what agent mooky, cute said. when will they reactive say eight chat. i won't download another app just to chat with facebook on my phone. i had numerous bugs that make the app unusable, make me unable to use facebook at all. those are literally two comments. >> tens of thousands of comments just like that. >> blogosphere this is what we're seeing everywhere. people are furious about messenger. this bigger story. some kind of anger against facebook. >> i think at love it is inappropriate. i don't think that these concerns are really well-founded. there are not all these weird
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privacy concerns. it is largely based on misunderstanding of the rules. >> i think people don't want to be told they have to download something. that is my choice if i want the app or not. you have no right to tell me, facebook. >> if you haven't used it is a pretties app. >> i got it. i doesn't like it. doesn't matter what i think. up to them at home. maybe they learn ad couple of things. jeremy, thank you. >> thank you. >> from facebook to fitbit, privacy complaints are ramping up in the 85 million-dollar fitness tracking industry. democratic snorter calling out -- democrat senator chuck schumer are calling outfitness apps but are the complaints justified? we have a founder of patient privacy rights. doctor, that is the question here. is fitbit selling personal information of its users? is that really happening? >> yes. most of the mobile apps out there that are related to health or fitness absolutely are
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selling your information. >> okay. >> it is very sensitive information. it is a lot worse than, than people know. >> okay. but, doctor, at the same time, let viewers know at home, we're waiting on president obama. we may see him in couple of moments. i may have to cut interview short, my apologies. actually he is just at the podium. president is at martha's vineyard making a statement we presume about iraq. >> over the past few days, american forces have successfully conducted targeted airstrikes to prevent terrorist forces from advancing on the city offer bill and protect -- erbil, protecting ameri forces. kurdish forces on ground continue to defend their city and we stepped up military advice and assistance to iraqi and kurdish forces as they wage a fight. at the same time we continued our daily humanitarian efforts to provide life saving assistance to the men, women and children stranded on mount
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sinjar and deployed a u.s. aid disaster assistance response team to help. some escaped perch on that mountain and we're working with international partners to develop options to bring them to safety. i want to thank in particular the united kingdom, france, and other countries working with us to provide much needed assistance to the iraqi people and meanwhile our aircraft repain positioned to strike any terrorist forces around the mountain who threaten the safety of these families. this advance, this advances the limited military objectives we've outlined in iraq. protecting american citizens, providing advice and assistance to iraqi forces as they battle these terrorists, and joining with international partners to provide humanitarian aid. but, as i said, when i authorized these operations, there is no american military solution to the larger crisis in iraq. the openly lasting solution is for iraqis to come together and
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form an inclusive government, one that represents the legitimate interests of all iraqis and one that can unify the country's fight against islam. today, iraq took a promising step forward in this critical effort. last month the iraqi people named a new president. today president masum named a new prime minister-designate dr. alabadi. under the iraqi constitution this is an important step towards forming a new government that can unite iraq's different communities. earlier today vice president biden and i called called dr. abadi to congratulate him and urged him to form a new cabinet as quickly as possible, one inclusive of all iraqis and one that represents all iraqis. i pledged our support to him as well as to president and the speaker as they work together to form this government. meanwhile i urge all iraqi political leaders to work
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peacefully through the political process in the days ahead. and this new iraqi leadership has a difficult task. it has to regain the confidence of its citizens by governing inclusively and taking steps to dep trait its resolve. the united states stand ready to support a government that addresses the needs and grievances of all iraqi people. we're also ready to work with other countries in the region to deal with the humanitarian crisis and counter terrorism challenge in iraq. mobilizing that support will be easier once this new government is in place. these have been difficult days in iraq, a country that has faced so many challenges in its recent history and i'm sure there will be difficult days ahead but just as the united states will remain vigilant against the threat posed to our people by isis, we stand ready to partner with iraq and in its fight against these terrorist forces. without question that effort will be advanced if iraqis continue to build on today's
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progress and come together to support a new and inclusive post. thanks, everybody. -- government. >> mr. president -- >> do you support president maliki. >> president obama made a brief statement on the situation in iraq and the fact that there is new leadership appointed in iraq. the fact that we have not just airstrikes going on but humanitarian aid with those suffering in iraq. let's bring in peter persons in washington. as we were listening to the president. it was a shorter statement than we expected. did we learn anything new from the president aside from the fact that he continues to monitor developments from his vacation? >> the timing of this cheryl, is critical because these events events happening in baghdad and political infighting going on over there among the new leaders and the old leader, prime minister maliki, who shows no
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disposition leaving right now. that is the big thing. the administration wants him out of there, so the president is coming out trying to add his voice and effort to get maliki to step aside after eight years, cheryl. >> i also mentioned he had been in close contact and gave somewhat of a thank you to our allies in particular, british and french. looks like it will take a lot more to get thousands of refugees off the mountain. we're still hearing stories in the last couple of hours and more deaths and more in danger. do you consider bringing in more support to help refugees? >> they would not like to go this alone and, remember what the president said on friday at the white house as he was leaving for vacation? he said that this fight against the islamic state would be a long-term project and pooh that
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might sit expectations. the president is sensitive to polls on this, american opinion on this, which is that most the majority of americans according to polls don't want to get back involved in iraq. so the president again repeating this is going to be a limited military mission. focusing on humanitarian effort and relief and also protecting american citizens working over there. >> we should say u.s. markets have not reacted at least today. oil as well not a big reaction today. well there is always tomorrow. developments continuing. peter barnes out of washington of the thank you so much. >> thank you, cheryl. >> we still have a lot more to come during this hour of "the willis report" including your voice. during the show we certainly want to hear from you. you can facebook us or tweet me either at gerri willis nbn or cheryl casone i'm on twitter all the time. send an email to at the bottom of the hour we'll read some of your tweets and
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emails about some of the different things we're talking about tonight and this is one of them. amazon not making any friends these days, just enemies. now you can add the power of disney to that list. why the two megacompanies are at war. what that means for you the consumer, maybe the investors too. that is coming up next. ♪
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cheryl: amazon is battling it out. this time taking on the superheroes, even the muppets, over at walt disney. in its latest war over pricing the online heavyweight halting preorders of "maleficent" and "captain america: the winter soldier" and even "muppets most wanted." will consumers win out? we have the founder of napoleon media group. what do you say? are they going too far? >> they are always going too far. jeff bezos started his business model, the customer is first and everything else is comes later. there are bumps along the way and he is pretty crude and
5:19 pm
cutthroat about things. cheryl: this is the second part of story between "hashset" group, publishing company and amazon. there is a lot of authors coming out very publicly saying we absolutely refuse to for amazon to cut down our work and cut down prices of our work. at what point does content win whether you're disney or book writer over a company which, they want revenue, i understand that but they're still a company? >> jeff bezos, the and amazon team is all about the customer and getting best deal as possible. if you shop amazon as i have, it is pretty dirt cheap to get what you want. cheryl: that is great, talk about the tactics they're using to be specific. >> it is very shrewd and cutthroat. they really cut into knocking, you know knocking your face really with prices and, hey do i want more money? they really don't care about content providers. they really got the -- cheryl: even like disney though? >> hard to feel -- cheryl: one publishing group i
5:20 pm
could maybe see that, because there is so many other distributors of book but this is angelina jolie, this is, they're taking on a pretty big fight here. >> disney is a huge company. tough to feel sorry for them sometimes when they're taking these hits but the problem with amazon is, you know, they take it on and worry about the customer the whole time and they do not care about the content providers. cheryl: yeah, but can you foresee a situation in the future where content providers like a disney or "hashset" will say, forget you. i will go around you and sell you download of "maleficent" and bo around you, forget it. >> they will go to other outlets, walmart around target and barnes & noble. they're available. we're open for business. it's a great opportunity for them to grow. cheryl: i'm told i'm saying the name of movie wrong.
5:21 pm
i obviously never seen night i got your back. cheryl: it is okay. like i said. this is why people have my back because i don't really go to the movies. you know why? i'm going to download it at home when it is available. thank you very much. >> one of the other things amazon is doing, not letting you buy dvds just yet but watch them on the on lime streaming. they're really cutting into everything what netflix is doing and itunes. they're trying to grow their online streaming business. cheryl: all right. >> they are playing hard ball to try to grow in this other area as well. cheryl: frank kirks thank you very much. interesting take what amazon is doing. thank you, frankie. coming up later on in the show, this is something i know what to how say correctly car. we'll go on with the car coach with the safest strike on the road. there she is. tragedy on the track a race car driver struck and killed by a legend of nascar. what it mines for by the sport and sponsors especially for tony
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you could even get a discount when you add a car. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. cheryl: to it into the tragedy on the racetrack sending shockwaves across the nation. three-time nascar champion tony stewart's deadly collision with kevin ward saturday night, calling into question the safety of the industry. stewart's own culpability in the matter. covering all angles with sports attorney richard roth. we should say we, presser just wrapped up in new york and they're basically saying, the sheriff is saying there is no grounds for any type of charges against tony stewart. that is just happening. but the question here is, does this mean we need to, federal government should take a closer look at racing in particular, nascar? tony stewart is nascar driver.
5:26 pm
should we look closely for safety violations. is there something we are missing here? >> i'm not big proponent bringing federal government when something goes wrong. what went wrong here? we had a cocollision legs and guy walked into middle of the track and unfortunately pointed his finger at tony stewart. we don't know if tony stewart was negligent. we don't know if tony stewart didn't see him. as a result we have a tragic dead, young person. i don't think it necessarily means the federal government should look at it. cheryl: the reason, one thing i should say this could be a possibility we saw this with, the nfl and with concussions. there has been discussions about steroids in baseball. there has been talk about in soccer there should be, they should be wearing headwear because of brain injuries. so why not nascar? wouldn't surprise me if they went after this was not a nascar event. i know all people on twitter.
5:27 pm
i'm not stupid. this could actually happen because the government is stupid, sorry. >> i agree with you 100%. i don't think they should. they could. they do find their way into everything. the difference in football, hockey, you have collision, is actually part of the game. this is a very rare event. i don't think it is smart for someone who gets, whose care gets wrecked to walk into a track and -- cheryl: other thing everybody on twitter said. don't walk on the track. don't be dumb. >> i'm not sure what was in tony stew water's mind. apparently he put his foot on throttle and ended up unfortunately killing someone, it is such a rare occurrence. there are injuries in nascar. if they look at something, look at safety when you're in the car. but when you walk out of a car and go to the middle of the track i don't think that is something federal government -- cheryl: you have to say of all the sports we love, believe me, americans love their nascar it's a violent sport though. some horrific crashes that have killed some of the most famous drivers of our time. i mean --
5:28 pm
>> absolutely, terribly violent. they're going at ridiculous speeds on a track and you lose control. there was incident not long ago where the car tumbled into the audience and hurt people. so definitely a violent, violent sport. cheryl: yeah. >> i don't know if that necessarily equates to the federal government coming in and, if you will, messing it up again. cheryl: i could see, maybe i'm getting cynical here, i could just see some politician in washington, well, i'm going to go and show them, that this isn't how, i will impose legislation and call up tony stewart for hearings. not kidding, this could actually happen. this is d.c. we're talking about. >> we happen to be on the same page. i'm as cynical. i'm hoping that they have more important things to do then spend time finding out what happened with tony stewart and mr. ward. >> the big question over last couple days would he be charged. looks like he will not be charged. cheryl: but is there a civil case. >> absolutely. you have lower burdennen of
5:29 pm
proof. prepopped dance of the evidence versus reasonable doubt standard. number two, negligence. if you charge him with a crime you have to show intentionally did he do it. the question is what he negligent putting foot on throttle or not seeing where he was going, coelho flag was up. there will be contributory negligent shuns, mr. ward standing in middle after track wearing a black outfit. >> just show what you a hot button issue this is. he was 20 years old. look what mr. stewart said. here is the statement. there are not words to describe the adness i feel about the accident that took the live of kevin ward. my thoughts and prayers with his family and friends. friends of kevin ward coming out. this is i wonder. this is friend, tyler graves. tony stewart needs to be put in prison for life. he is a fellow sprint car driver. he is his friend but he said, should be put in prison for life. >> you have anger. you have a 20-year-old kid who is dead as a result of racing on
5:30 pm
a dirt race. so, there is a lot of anger there. that anger will result in civil litigation hopefully. hopefully it won't result in federalgovernment coming in looking at another sport. cheryl: i'm sorry, i see the guys and gals in d.c. do silly things. >> very. cheryl: richard, thank you very much. >> thanks a lot. cheryl: i would say i want to know what you think you already told me on twitter. no, really go ahead. keep on it. i'm not easily offended. here is the question for all of you tonight, do you think nascar is too dangerous. log on to vote on the right-hand side of the screen. i will share results at end of the end of tonight's show. is nascar too dangerous? >> coming up multi-state movement is underway to ban certain types of e-cigarettes. we have news for you. big news breaking over the weekend actually. coming up we'll head out to our plaza for up close and personal look, look at this, one of the most popular cars on the road these days is minis. there is a big movement going on right now.
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we'll get in one right now. be right back. ♪
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go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. ♪ ♪ cheryl: a parade of mini coopers catching the eyes of many in the fifth mini takes the states journey. mini owners took to the road covering more than 5,000 miles, going through 18 states and 15 cities. let's bring in lauren fix who actually partook in all of this, and the mini has been around since the '90s, believe it or not. >> this car's a 1999, but they were originally design inside 1959: cheryl: okay. >> from '59-'99, they built five million cars. they didn't come to the u.s. until 2002. cheryl: but it was built in 1999. and that's vintage. '99 is not vicinitiage in car --
5:35 pm
vintage in car years. >> what we have here is the 2014 min think, and they've totally redesigned it. the 2002 when it came into the u.s. was a big seller. bmw has now ownership of mini, and they made this great technology, great safety and performance. cheryl: this actually has bmw architecture in it? >> yes. cheryl: how fast does this thing go then? >> they really go. we've had ours on the race track, so it can go well over 100 hills an hour, and they are safe. it's my son's first car, we'll talk about that. but this was the car that was on min think takes the state. this is the american flag car. it ran in 18 states, 15 cities over 14 days. transition prediction kicked -- cheryl: kicked off in san francisco with tony hawk. >> he jumped over the cars. it was wild. cheryl: i was going to say, he owns a mini. this is a bigger version of the
5:36 pm
mini. >> right. this is the question that just won the iahs top safety pick. it is a tour-door model, it's the first all-wheel dry. can still get the front wheel drive version. cheryl: i want to actually show our viewers if we can, god, it's open. all right. i want to get inside look because look how big it is for a mini. if you've ever been in one, i mean, it's tiny. >> i don't know, we've had four people in the car going coast to coast. there was a hitchhiker that came in mini takes the states. he was part of the mini group. when you buy a-inny, it comes with friends. how many cars come standard with friends? well, just a guy who was from another country, and he wanted to ride. so he would get a different ride with a different person every day, germany, hong kong, it was an amazing event. this was our second time. cheryl: i think you need to introduce me to this handsome gentleman. >> this is my son paul. cheryl: say hello to the
5:37 pm
country. >> hello, country. cheryl: she was just saying one of these cars is yours. >> yep, this one's mine. she's a 2009 mini. she's a john cooper which is a special edition. >> performance. cheryl: and so have you always been a mini fan? is. >> yes. cheryl: do kids think it's cool to drive a mini? >> all my friends love my car. and i'll tell you what, i learned to drive on a 2002 manual, and this is my first car. i've had it for the last five years, and i wouldn't give it up for anything else. >> and it's a manual. >> yeah. and it's a hand yule. cheryl: i don't bite, i promise. [laughter] when you talk about-innies, i would think fuel efficiency but cost as well. can you kind of give me a rice range for these cars? >> you can get into a base mini, a cooper, they call it just a cooper, and you can expect into those, you know, $18,000. the thing is, these are great cars. they're fuel efficient, they're safe, low insurance rates, low maintenance. we've had our car for a long
5:38 pm
time. i had an 02, loved it. the '09 which is his car. he's had it for four years and won't get rid of it. cheryl: what is the reason mini cooper has taken off in the country? across the country. >> yeah. honestly, i haven't gotten in another car that is as fun to drive as the mini. everything's directed toward you. it's a very personalized car. i've actually seen a lot of people customize and, you know, engine upgrades and stuff like that because people love making this car for them and that's what keeps people. cheryl: all right. and i have to ask you because you look at all kinds of cars. >> yes, i do. cheryl: really quick, a lot of controversy around gm. what do you make of what's happening with gm? i have to ask you, the news has been crossing, and it's not good. >> it's very upsetting, and i know gm is trying to make better
5:39 pm
quality cars than they have in the past, but they need to get in front of this problem with these recalls. i know they will get in front of it, but in the meantime, there's a lot of cars to choose from. buy the car that fits you right. if you're concerned about a car that you have, trade it in, get rid of it, sell it, and there's a lot of great cars on the market, and i do love the mini. cheryl: the-innies are great -- the minis are great. lauren, it was great to see you. thank you. nice to meet you, paul, as well. >> thanks. cheryl: you're training him well. [laughter] all right, good news for those of you who still have a pension. there's not a lot of you left, but there's a few of you. coming up next, charity crush. peen ya colada, all flavors of e-cigarettes. many are calling for regulators to step in before kids start smoking them. but should they? from midtown manhattan on a beautiful summer day. that was great. thank you so much. there are. ♪
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♪ cheryl: attorneys general from 29 states want stricter regulations on e-cigarettes. they are pressing the food and drug administration to ban flavors and restrict advertising to better protect minors. joining me is former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney randy dolan. well, you know, e-cigarettes originally marketed as a way to, you know, a safe way, no secondhand smoke, but now, again, under attack by these 29 states and the ags. what do you think? >> it's a fascinating tension. on the other hand, you've got -- on the one hand you've got, as you just said, what was the whole premise behind the e-cigarette? health. less of the bad stuff that kills you. no smoke so it's not offensive to the people around you. safety, soak key the bare -- smoky the bear, you do away with
5:44 pm
that. it was supposed to be all good, help wean smokers off of smoking. cheryl: right. >> then all of a sudden somebody gets the brilliant idea, well, this may be too much of a good thing, so, wow, great idea, marketing campaign, flavored cigarettes. flavored e-cigarettes. we banned flavored cigarettes, well, let's ban flavored e-cigarettes because somehow that targets children. cheryl: well, if you look, okay, and this is coming from the flavor that is offered, these come from the vendors. it's java jolt, cherry crush, pina colada, peach tea, these are flavors that would appeal to a child under 18. >> well, the pina colada flavor i'm not really sure that a minor would necessarily latch onto that one. the point is, it's that old saying and i rarely get to use it, there's no sense throwing the baby out with the bath water. here it really works because what happens is to ban something en masse, just get rid of it, that's not the answer.
5:45 pm
we're human beings, we're intelligent. there's got to be a happy immediate medium -- medium. cocaine, illegal drugs, they're supposed to bee making out ther? simply saying get rid of it completely, it's almost insulting to our intelligence as an adult. i want that, it's going to help me stop smoking, so how about a little perm responsibility and educate our kids it's not cool to smoke? cheryl: it is big business if you look at the amount of money spent marketing e-cigarettes even though i'm surprised we haven't had more pushback against it. adults but, of course, it's going to go to kids, and i say that because if you look at high school kids, in 2001 it was 4.7% of high school kids would use an e-cigarette. 10% in -- >> but the interesting analysis is would we rather have those kids smoking an e-cigarette or
5:46 pm
smoking a real cigarette? who's to say that this kid is saying to hymn or herself, you know what? i wouldn't smoke a real cigarette, but i'll smoke an e-cigarette. that child probably, if there were no such thing as an e-cigarette, would be smoking a real cigarette. so they're actually in a weird kind of way a help, but maybe it starts with education that for a kid it's not cool to smoke a real cigarette, it ain't cool to smoke an e-cigarette. if you have a smoking problem and you're addicted to nicotine, then go out and get an e-cigarette. but if you don't smoke at all, to start smoking an e-cigarette, it's kind of silly. cheryl: don't smoke a cigarette, oh, and don't drive fast. you can tell 'em not to do it, but teenagers are going to be -- >> why not ban all cars then? if we ban cars, we don't have to worry about teenagers driving over the speed limit. cheryl: interesting. it's big business and once again the government's involved. randy, thank you very much. >> thank you. cheryl: we want to hear from all of you. here is what some of you are
5:47 pm
tweeting me about our poll question tonight, is nascar too dangerous? one viewer said this, i don't think they need more regs, i think they need more common sense. don't get out of your car. in the video, he got out of his car. michael writes in and says the government needs to stay out of it, nascar has a good governing body that will handle this. and steve said this on facebook: that's part of the sport, but nascar should require additional training for young drivers in races. steve, i like that. thanks to all of you for writing in. still to come, the rising stock market does can mean bigger retirement coffers for a lot of you, but especially for public pensioners. we're covering our assets and a look at a -- look at a very interesting report coming up next. here's the consumer gauge as we go to break, be right back. ♪ you're driving along,
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5:52 pm
call pers -- calpers, but also individually. the people who have retirement plans, individual plans. you really need to remember when markets go up, all of a sudden the allocation that you have drifts, and you're taking on more risk than may be anticipated. cheryl: david, at the same time, i was looking at the report card of calpers, and this is the largest pension fund in the country, fair enough, and this is california. but look at the report card of how they've done. and their returns. they've made some big mistakes. i'm sorry, but with it does show it. they have not exactly been the behemoth of solid investment advice. that's what i worry about other pensions following in their footsteps. >> i think the concern is these fund managers have a fiduciary responsibility and just as quickly as a fund could be overfunded, it could be underfunded, and unfortunately it's at a time when california cannot afford to shore up more cash.
5:53 pm
cheryl: i guess at the end of the day, this is american money, and these are pensions, and this is money that's been promised. whether it's going to be delivered or not is a whole other debate. do you think this is the right move for the pensioners, this move by calpers? >> well, you know, there's so few americans at this point covered by pensions, but taxpayers have been so exposed as patients were underfunded, the fact that pensions have been able to catch up some takes some heat and pressure off the american taxpayer. truthfully, i'm more concerned about the individuals who their pension is their own 401(k) or other retirement plan. they've been riding the market up. and many times they don't know when enough's enough, and what do you do next to protect your nest egg? cheryl: well, up to that point just to be clear here, i mean, one of things that actually did help them initially. land purchases, but overall those risky assets helped build
5:54 pm
the portfolio this general. now they're saying, okay, that's enough. what if they're wrong? >> they've been wrong before. [laughter] so asset allocation, you know, the secret data we're talking earlier about buy, buy, buy low, sell high. there's no science to this sometimes. we really need to assist and step back, take a look at the risk, take a look at what the goal is, look at what the comfort level is. many people that have pensions, they may not even realize that -- cheryl: a lot don't. >> yeah, that this conversation actually pertains to them and that they don't pay attention to the market going up and all the noise in the marketplace, and it has an impact on their well being. cheryl: david, certainly underfunded tensions has become a political hot button issue especially in new jersey, but if you look overall, most companies are trying to get out of the pension business, most corporations, and they're converting to annuities or a cash-type plan. is that good or bad for those
5:55 pm
participating in this plan, do you think? >> well, if they switch over to an annuity, it's transferring a liability on an insurance company, so it's the same for employees, retirees, because it gets the liability off balance sheet. if they're going to more of a cash balance thing, now the risk gets transferred from the municipality to the employee, and the employees need to be careful. and they may have to save more, invest on their own. cheryl: what do you say to police officers, firemen that do depend on those pensions, still have them and don't want their pensions to be mismanaged, frankly? >> well, the big thing that i believe for public employees is so many are able to retire especially the public safety workers at relatively young ages, and it's absolutely essential they not just rely on that pension even if those promises are met. they must save additional money in other tax advantage or tax-free ways such as roth
5:56 pm
iras so they can supplement whatever income they would get from a pension. cheryl: interesting. and switching gears really quick with you, david, market ignoring what's happening overseas, market higher again today. did we already have a correction 2014, do you think? >> nope, not at all. my way of looking at it is simply if you go back over the last five and a half years, every time there's been a qe, the market's gone up. every time they've gotten out, the market's come down. and now the fed is promising by october we're going to be out, and we're already three-quarters out. so if history means anything, it means that we probably have a decent pullback -- cheryl: little more to go. >> right. cheryl: watch your assets. that's why we have this segment. [laughter] david, phil, gentlemen, thank you very much. all right, we'll be right back.
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
cheryl: earlier this hour we told you about authorities questioning tony stewart about saturday's crash that killed fellow driver kevin ward jr. is nascar too dangerous?
6:00 pm
19% said, yes, 81% of you said, no. you were very active on twitter, ask and i'm responding to many of you later on tonight. that is it for tonight's willis report. have a great night. ♪ ♪ charles: tonight on making money, the joyless economy means government workers surf porn sites all day and teenagers set themselves on fire. behind the numbers of this listless recovery are real life stories that shock and disappoint. we're going to break it all down for you. plus, the cost of freedom means we have to fight. sticking our heads in the sand is a set-up for disaster. i'm going to show you your precursor to 9/11 that should have been a warning then and now. i've got two more ideas making you money, and i'm raring to go, so let's do it. let's go make some money. ♪ ♪


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